Sirius Training CIC

Sirius Training is a company dedicated to professional training, EU project management, work experience and training for all ages, English language and British culture courses.

We organise professional development courses funded by KA1 under the Erasmus+ programme, for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences. Courses include digital classrooms, Integration and Social inclusion, school management, teaching through arts activities and entrepreneurship.

Our team of professionals also provides consultancy services for organisations and individuals who want to receive a deeper insight into EU project management. We arrange professional internships, study visits, job shadowing both for teachers and students. We provide IT and training for young people, especially directed at how to use social media properly, in order to increase job prospects and spread a good image of oneself online. Our team of professionals also includes tour guides with experience in guiding groups of students and professionals in and outside London.



Euro-net aimed at:

  • to involved young people and adults in the construction of a more solidly Europe and more neighbour to the citizens considering the persons who have greater difficulties to participate to the community programs.
  • to inform young people and adults of difficulties coming from urban or rural environment, disables, persons on the verge of the social exclusion or that they can be consider as excluded to the construction of the just future one.That means to supply them an information that they understand and resort eventually to specific measures of accompaniment, able to obviate eventual difficulties of access in the society.


Quality of life and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. We enable people to discover and develop their potential and direct their efforts for a positive impact on society. BASD International’s mission is to to foster the well-being of all human beings by promoting sustainable economic development, inter-cultural dialogue, and facilitating access to life long learning, especially in the developing nations of the Balkans. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility. We promote lasting change by:

  • Assisting local communities, governmental institutions and international organizations implement programs that directly support sustainable development initiative, especially in the field of education
  • Strengthening capacity for sustainable economic and social development
  • Providing economic opportunity and life long learning
  • Make business more socially aware and responsive to the needs of society in the international arena
  • Creating opportunities for exposure and interaction between people of different cultures and nations
  • Scalability, through partner organizations and networks
  • Influencing policy decisions at all levels
  • Addressing discrimination in all its forms
  • Encouraging a high level of cooperative reflection on the integration of ecological principles and traditional values in the economic planning and legal framework of developing economies.


The Academy of Business and Health Sciences, called “Medyk” by students, was founded as a result of the decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from 21st September 2006.
For the last decade the Academy permanently develops and broadens its offer; focusing on the high quality of education, learning a profession in a practical way, successfully outstripping the competition. Candidates from the whole region and even from the most remote parts of Poland come to the ABHS to study cosmetology, dietetics and pedagogy.

Experienced lecturers, distinguished specialists, practical learning of a profession.

Cooperating closely with the best academic teachers and professionals – practitioners – in the field of medical sciences, we have managed to build an Academy where currently almost 600 students are learning on the first and second degrees of studies and the same number again on postgraduate studies. Excellent reception of “Medyk” among professionals resulted in the offering to students syllabus, which is designed to convey to the Graduates not only the necessary theoretical and encyclopedic knowledge but first of all to make them prepare for the future career.


e-School Educational Group

We are a multipurpose Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning center committed to providing high quality education and knowledge certification

E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP, located in Karditsa, Greece, is an adult education center and VET provider, accredited by the Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance – EOPPEP. Since 2003, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has provided training and knowledge accreditation in ICT, new technologies, foreign languages while providing professional seminars and preparing candidates to take part in exams to be accepted in the Greek public sector. Being active in Continuous Vocational Training and lifelong learning, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP aims to provide the unemployed (especially youths), workers and professionals with as many tools as possible in order to cope with the demands of the modern labor market. E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP‘s vision is to provide quality education and certification for the sectors that it deals with and be a multipurpose educational center which provides high quality and contemporary Lifelong Learning and knowledge certification. As part of this effort to enhance the quality of the educational services it provides its students with, by exchanging good practices and learning innovative teaching approaches, E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP has organized and taken part in numerous Erasmus+ KA1 projects as both a receiving and host organization and aims to form KA2 strategic partnerships with partners across Europe.



STANDO LTD is a research and educational organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We are, at the same time, an approved VET Centre accredited by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. The strength of our enterprise primarily lies in our highly qualified team and its extended network of international partners. Our dynamic and experienced academics, researchers and practitioners are committed in implementing large scale co-funded projects and collaborate with organizations from Cyprus and around the world. We actively participate in the planning and implementation of national and international projects, aiming at providing innovative solutions that facilitate the development of people and the cohesion of societies. Since 2016, we are providing a series of professional and academic trainings under the scope of Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, as well as courses, seminars and consulting services to various target groups (students, youths, teachers, policy makers, parents, adults), learners and staff of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and Adult Centres.

Our mission is to give education a new dimension through innovative programs and instructional practices and to promote leading-edge research contributing to the betterment of education in today’s complex global environment.